Core Strategy - Supply Demand Trading Course


✔️ Universally Applicable Supply & Demand Trading Strategy

✔️ Identify Institutional Footprints

✔️ Suitable For All Styles Of Trading

✔️ Simple & Easy To Identify Price Action Pattern

✔️ Works On All Time Frames

✔️ Time Market Turning Points Well In Advance


Supply and Demand Trading is a strategy that relies on identifying key price levels in the financial markets where supply and demand imbalances occur. Traders seek to buy at demand zones (areas of strong buying interest) with the expectation of price increases and sell at supply zones (areas with high selling interest) anticipating price declines. This strategy involves analysing price charts, recognizing these zones, and using them as decision points for trading. It's grounded in the economic principles of supply and demand and is applicable across various asset classes. Risk management and understanding market psychology are essential elements of this strategy.

What Will You Learn?

Institutional Supply & Demand Zones

Multiple Time Frame Analysis

Trade Planning Process

Trade Management

Stock Scanning

Money Management

Course Curriculum


How Is It Different From Conventional Technical Analysis?

It's A Simple Price Action Strategy To Identify Institutional Trading Activity, No Lagging Indicators are Used.

Is It A Pre Recorded Course?

It's A Hybrid Course Wherein Course Content Is Pre Recorded & Live Sessions Are Conducted Weekly.

Does It Work For Intraday Trading?

Strategy Works On All Asset Classes & All Time Frames

When Is The Course Access Provided?

Course access is granted immediately on enrolment.

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