Impetus - Momentum Trading Strategy


✔️ Universally Applicable Momentum Trading Strategy

✔️ Participate In Strong Trends

✔️ Suitable For All Styles Of Trading

✔️ Simple & Easy To Identify Price Action Pattern

✔️ Works On All Time Frames

✔️ Bilingual Course – Access To Both English & Hindi Version


Welcome to the Momentum Trading course, where we dive deep into momentum trading and focus on a single powerful price pattern that can help you achieve consistent profits in dynamic financial markets.
In this comprehensive course, we will equip you with the knowledge, strategies, and tools necessary to identify and capitalize on the potential of a specific price pattern that has proven to generate strong  momentum. Whether you are a novice trader looking to establish a solid foundation or an experienced trader seeking to enhance your existing trading skills, this course is designed to provide valuable insights and techniques to succeed in intraday trading.
This strategy is universally applicable across asset classes, irrespective of whether you are trading indices, stocks, commodities, forex, crypto, etc.

What Will You Learn?

Momentum Trading Strategy

Price Pattern Recognition

Entry & Exit Plan

Trade Management

Risk Management & Position Sizing

Back Testing

Course Curriculum


Does This Strategy Work For Intraday Trading?

Yes. This strategy works for any Trading Style. Its very effective for Intraday Trading

How Complex Is This Strategy?

It's a very simple Price Action Strategy which even a beginner can easily follow.

Does It Work For Index Trading?

Yes. You can trade any instrument including the widely traded indices like NIfty, BankNifty, FinNifty etc.

When Is the Course Access Provided?

Course access is granted immediately on enrolment.

Reviews and Testimonials

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