Supply and Demand Zone Indicator - Yearly Subscription

Supply & Demand Zone Indicator - Yearly Subscription

 Accurate Zones to Make Informed Decisions
✅ Real-Time Analysis to Plot High Probable Reversal Points
✅User Friendly Interface
✅ Exclusive For TradingView Charts
✅ Customisable Alerts & Parameters
✅ Visual Clarity
✅ Regular Updates


The Supply and Demand Zone Indicator from MAK Trading School is an innovative tool designed to identify high-probability trade setups in real-time. It takes into account multiple factors, such as current market conditions and price action, to accurately identify where the true demand zone and supply zones are located With this zone indicator, traders can easily and quickly identify the best trading opportunities. This TradingView supply demand zone indicator also eliminates the need for manual chart analysis, making it easier and faster to identify potential trading opportunities. Utilising TradingView charts, the indicator plots supply and demand zones in real-time, and Zone formation alerts are directly sent to an Exclusive Members Only Telegram channel. The Telegram alerts for NSE FNO stocks are complimentary with the subscription of the Indicator. This powerful indicator can help you to maximize your trading potential and make the most of your opportunities. Get the edge you need with the Supply and Demand Zone Indicator from MAK Trading School.


✔️ Automatically Identifies and Plots Demand       Zones and Supply Zones on TradingView Charts
✔️ Configurable Zone Quality Parameters
✔️ Customisable Display Table
✔️ Functionality to set Zone Formation / Zone Violation & Price Entering The Zone Alerts
✔️ Applicable in All timeframes
✔️ Functionality to Identify Fresh / Violated Zones          


✔️ 365 Days Access
✔️Complimentary Real Time Zone Formation Alerts Send Directly To A Telegram Channel
✔️ High Probability Institutional Zones
✔️ Applicable in All markets like Forex, Commodities, Derivatives, cryptocurrencies


✔️ Rule Based Process
✔️ Expert Guidance
✔️ Eliminate Fear of Trading/Investing in Stock Market
✔️ No More Guesswork Get Precise Zones

How To Effectively Use The Supply & Demand Zone Indicator


Have more questions? We‘re here to help

Is there any prerequisite to subscribe?

There is no prerequisite to avail this subscription, however it is recommended that one is aware of Supply & Demand Trading Strategy to make full use of this subscription.

On which charts can the indicator be used?

The indicator will plot zones on any Candlestick Chart on all time frames and all asset classes.

Can one blindly trade all the zones plotted?

No. One must just use it as a starting point and then plan the trade as per the guidelines of the Supply & Demand Trading Strategy.

Does the indicator give Buy & Sell Signals?

This Indicator does not give you any Buy or Sell Signals, one must possess the Knowledge of Supply and Demand Trading to utilize this indicator effectively.

What is the Telegram Alerts Channel?

Currently we provide complimentary access to new zone formation alerts for NSE F&O Stocks through a telegram channel exclusive only for subscribers.

On which charting platform does it work?

This indicator is exclusive only for TradingView Charts. It is an invite only script available on subscription basis.

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