Trading Psychology


✅ Simple To Understand 
✅Emotional Regulation
✅ Mindset Development
✅ Psychological Tools
✅ Mental Discipline
✅ Practical Exercises


Trading is perhaps one of the most challenging professions there is as it involves the six inches in between our ears. We have emotions both positive and negative ones.
The question is, how can we control our negative emotions when trading? This course will provide a solution for such critical problem that traders often realize too late.
Probably the most exciting part of the course is when lots of special individual exercises are done where students would become self-aware of the trader in them to then put in place a series of tools to overcome weaknesses and adapt trading actions to the trader personality to be in a place where reaching consistent results is more likely than trading with no control over emotions.

Course Curriculum

What Will You Learn?

Objective Mindset

Right Trading Habits & Beliefs

Self - Control


Patience To Wait For

 Right Opportunities

Controlling Emotions

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